The Movement of 
People Working

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This DVD collects a number of Niblock's films analyzing the dynamics of motion involved in manual labour. The images on the disc are all accompanied by Niblock s own minimalist approach to soundtracking.

Niblock started making these films back in 1973, upon visiting Mexico and Peru. It was here that he set out on his observation of the impersonal machinations of work. These films concentrate specifically on the work of human hands, both in terms of crafts, like weaving, and on the more industrial scale of farming, as is focused on by the films shot in Hungary, made in 1985 (the most recent work here). It's pretty bewitching stuff considering how simple the component elements are.

The films here were produced on beautiful Kodachrome print stock, while the music is utterly timeless, the kind of infinite-chord drone work that only the very best artists in the genre can come up with.

Director: Phill Niblock
Language: English
Region: O (All)
Running Time: 208 minutes
Release Date: 2009

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PHIL NIBLOCK: The Movement of People Working 17VD$12.99