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The goal of the RELINE DVD series is to compile an array of work showcasing artists engaged in the creation of new visual forms deriving from experimental techniques and the re-orientation of high- end production processes. Part video archive, part work of art itself, the RELINE DVD series serves the dual goal of contextualizing and developing an emerging media form.

The artists on this compilation investigate modern mythology, examine environments, play with similes between machine and body, and explode form. Through the use of custom software, unique processing methods, and envelope- pushing applications of traditional production tools, these works push technical limits and the very boundaries of style and imagination. RELINE2 offers an insight into the current world and it's potential future as imagined through graphic re-interpretations, biotechnology, architecture, and the environment.

RELINE2 features the music of: AGF, Anon, Brian Jackson, The Knobs, Lusine ICL, Jake Mandell, Otto Von Schirach, QDepartment, seed(), Sewn, Solvent, Twerk, and Venetian Snares

Directors: Various Artists
Language: English
Region: O (All)
Running Time: 64 min
Release Date: 2006

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RELINE2 20VD$14.99